Begin a wonderful new relationship with your dog
based on cooperation and trust

You want a dog that greets people politely, plays nicely with other dogs, comes when called, walks calmly on leash, and listens to you as a friend. You want an enthusiastic and cooperative learner who can't wait to train with you.

I use force-free, science-based, positive-reinforcement training. When you train this way, you do more than train obedience. You learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, building trust, confidence, and cooperation in your relationship.

Training a kea parrot to step up at the Trevor Zoo

I can also help with your cat, parrot, or any other pet. I am a certified animal trainer. I have trained husbandry behaviors at the Trevor Zoo, where I formed relationships based on trust with a variety of species — bobcat, parrots, monkeys, lemurs, alpacas, porcupine, fox, turtles, and more — using positive reinforcement, clicker training, and the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.

You can train any animal using these techniques.
Meet my clicker-trained pet fish, Erasmus:

My eager and enthusiastic fish

Completed with excellence
Dr. Susan Friedman's course
Living & Learning with Animals

Graduated with perfect scores
from Karen Pryor Academy's
Dog Trainer Professional course

Graduated magna cum laude
Bachelor of Arts in
International Studies

Private Training Sessions

First consult:$120
Follow-up sessions:$95
3-pack:$250 (10% savings)
5-pack:$400 (15% savings)
10-pack:$760 (20% savings)
All sessions are 60 minutes

Every session includes a follow up email with tailored notes and practice training games

To book an in-home private training session, contact me at:
845 309 7631

If you are very motivated to work with your dog but cannot afford a trainer, please apply to my scholarship fund by email, detailing your circumstances and training needs.